Giving Thanks: A year in the Media…

Philo4Thought does great work in empowering young professionals! It was our pleasure to feature the CEO and Founder of the initiative last spring on Positively Profession-elle! Wishing Philo4Thought all the best in everything they do!


Beyond Philo4Thought’s monthly publications, we’ve had the great privilege of being mentioned in the following media publications over the past year:

The National Herald (Coverage of our 2014 Tavli Tournament & Food Expo, September 2014).

The National Herald (An “In the Spotlight” interview about our Founder/CEO, July 2014).

The National Herald (Mention in an interview on the wonderful Parthenon Exhibit by Kathy Schwab at the GC in NYC, March 2014).

New Greek TV (An interview on Kalimera USA about our organization, with mention of several institutions who inspired and supported us, May 2014).

Positive Profession-Elle (An interview about our Founder and CEO, March 2014).

Greek American Girl (An article reposted from Philo4Thought, December 2013).

We thank the wonderful writers, photographers, editorial teams and publications for helping to get our name and our initiatives seen and heard by the greater Hellenic community! We are deeply touched, humbled and grateful.

Dedicating this…

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